The Massachusetts Organization of Educational Collaboratives (MOEC) is the professional organization representing the Commonwealth’s educational collaboratives.

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Massachusetts Collaboratives are a statewide network of educational service agencies that work together with school districts and schools to:

  • Implement direct educational services and programs to students and adults
  • Develop programs and services to enhance school districts’ operating efficiency
  • Provide high quality professional development and technical assistance

Commissioner Riley and MOEC Membership
Commissioner Riley joined Executive Directors from collaboratives across the Commonwealth to discuss Our Way Forward. Collaboratives are ready to support their districts in implementing the work ahead.

how does moec support massachusetts collaboratives?

MOEC serves as the voice of its members and works to develop a full appreciation for and understanding of educational collaboratives at the state, regional, and local levels. As an influential facilitator and highly visible proponent of regional thinking in service delivery, MOEC is the Commonwealth’s primary advocate for collaboratives and the critical role they play in the Massachusetts educational system.

MOEC provides a forum to enhance the ability of collaboratives to promote leadership and direction to their organizations through professional development, information exchange, and advocacy for collaborative programming so that Massachusetts collaboratives may better serve their constituents.

MOEC continually strives to support and expand the capacity of its members to advance student achievement through:

  • leadership and direction
  • advocacy
  • professional development
  • information exchange and networking
  • resource sharing
  • field support and technical assistance
  • facilitation of interdistrict collaboration between education and other services
  • policy development and research
  • responsive consultation and planning

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Chapter 40, Section 4E, An Act Relative to the Authority of Educational Collaboratives

Educational Collaboratives Regulations