Massachusetts Board of Education
Policy on Educational Collaboratives
August 1988

Table of Contents



  • Growth of Educational Collaboratives
  • Purpose of Educational Collaboratives

General Policy Positions

Collaborative Issues

  1. Formation
    1. Development of Collaborative Agreement
    2. Approval of Collaborative Agreement
  2. Equity in Space Allocation
    1. Planning for Housing Collaborative Programs
    2. Planning for Least Restrictive Environment
  3. Pupil, Financial and Program Accountability
    1. Data Reporting
    2. Monitoring
  4. Organizational Relationships
    1. With School Committees
    2. With School Leaders
    3. With Parents/Students
    4. With the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
    5. With the Massachusetts Organization of Educational Collaboratives (MOEC)
  5. Funding
    1. Financial Structure
    2. Sources of Funding
    3. Distribution of State-Administered Funds
    4. Participation in State-Administered Grant Funds
  6. Review of Policy


  1. Chapter 40, Section 4E, An Act Relative to the Authority of Educational Collaboratives
  2. Criteria for Approving Collaborative Agreements
  3. Listing of Educational Collaboratives