Remote Learning During a Pandemic

Collaborative for Educational Services (CES) is hosting a weekly meeting for ETL Wednesdays at 12:00pm ET through May 6th. This meeting is open to all ETLs and can be access via this Zoom link.

Here is a recording of the April 1, 2020 Zoom Meeting:

You’ll find Zoom Meeting slides and resources here.

ETL Sharing Folder: You have edit access to this folder and can add anything. Please put any new materials into a FOLDER labeled with your name, district and the date. Also, if you take or use anything from folders here, please MAKE A COPY first–edit access means you have to be careful about not changing other people’s originals.

EDCO is offering the following Professional Development opportunities:


Difficult Conversations

Understanding the Culture in Culturally Responsive Teaching

Introduction to Supporting Students on the Autism Spectrum

Scaffolding Content for English Language Learners

Building Bridges: Facilitating Courageous Conversations

Effective Strategies and Instructions for SWLDs

North River Collaborative
The format of two of our upcoming workshops has been changed so both are now online.
Compassion, Fatigue & Building Resilience for the Journey,” a mental health workshop presented by Deni Howley on May 7.

SLIFE (for newcomer Els)” workshop presented by Anne Dolan of MATSOL, on May 11, 18, & June 1. There are only 6 spaces left in the SLIFE course, which is free to our Title 3 member districts, but there is no limit to the number of participants who want to join Deni’s mental health workshop.

Register for one or both courses with North River directly.

Get up and running with the Google Classroom Learning Management System. This four-week, online workshop will showcase the layout and functionality features of Google Classroom at the beginner user level. Register for the program by clicking this link.

Bring your Google Classroom usage to the next level. This four-week, online workshop will showcase the layout and functionality features of G Classroom, along with intermediate applications that will add depth to your students’ experience.