Each of the five Regional Representatives to the MOEC Board is responsible for the representation of the collaboratives listed under each corresponding region.

Region 1: West
William Diehl – Executive Director of CES

  • Collaborative for Educational Services (CES)
  • Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative

Region 2: Central
Cindy Landanno – Executive Director of CAPS Collaborative

  • Assabet Valley Collaborative
  • CAPS Educational Collaborative
  • Central Massachusetts Collaborative
  • FLLAC Collaborative
  • Southern Worcester County Educational Collaborative

Region 3: Greater Boston
Liz McGonagle – Executive Director of TEC

  • ACCEPT  Collaborative
  • CASE Collaborative
  • EDCO Collaborative
  • LABBB Collaborative
  • The Educational Cooperative (TEC)

Region 4: North
Chris Scott – Executive Director of Valley Collaborative

  • CREST Collaborative
  • Northshore Education Consortium
  • SEEM Collaborative
  • Shore Educational Collaborative
  • Valley Collaborative

Region 5: South
Theresa Craig – Executive Director of READS Collaborative

  • Bi-County Collaborative (BICO)
  • Cape Cod Collaborative
  • READS Collaborative
  • North River Collaborative
  • Pilgrim Area Collaborative
  • Southeastern Mass. Educational Collaborative (SMEC)
  • South Coast Educational Collaborative
  • South Shore Educational Collaborative